What Our Clients Have To Say About DaVinci’s Room…

I’m a better person and employee because of Jennifer.  Her method and tools truly contributed to helping me navigate and isolate specific things about me (not “them”), and what I need to do differently.  Others who are unaware of my coaching have commented on a change of significant improvement in the exactarea I wanted to improve.

Jennifer not only helped me in my specific coaching needs, but taught me how to navigate situations in the future using the same framework.  Truly “taught me how to fish.”

She made it about me-not about the situation or the process, but me
She gave me the scientific/deeper explanations to help me better understand
She taught me the process; how to do this in the future
She also broke it into bit-sizepieces, kept it manageable, not overwhelming

The coaching tool Jennifer used was very effective.  I found myself using the tool in my head when talking to an employee who was struggling.

Amanda R., Director of Global Marketing at medical device company

Jennifer has found a way to change how I think. After a few meetings with Jennifer, I have had multiple people remark how I’m approaching situations and problems more effectively. I’m already a better thinker and a better leader. It’s taking me to entirely new places in my career, and I’m enjoying the journey so much more as well.

Michael Kavanagh, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Life Fitness

Within minutes of our first meeting, I had insight about my work Identity and came up with new ideas for actions to take my work to the next level.

Dick Smith, Vistage CEO Coach and retired CEO of Communivisions, LLC

Since working with Jennifer, my enthusiasm for my work has skyrocketed, my creativity has been activated, and I’m accountable for actions that will take me and my firm where I want to go.

Marty F., Attorney and law firm founder

Working with Jennifer is not about the accountability of getting certain tasks done or hitting the quarterly goals. It’s all about helping me, as an executive, become a better decision-maker.  She’s done a lot for me in terms of honing my instincts and unlocking the data that’s hidden inside my brain.  It becomes a very generative, creative process.

David Gardner, Founder and CEO, Color Jar