The DaVinci’s Room Difference

  • Individual Executive Renaissance Program

  • Individual Healthcare Practitioner Program

  • Small Groups (2-6)

  • Large Groups (unlimited size)


Six Month Individual Executive Renaissance Program:

You begin your renaissance with three one-hour, one-on-one video meetings with Jennifer in three weeks. During this crucial early time, Jennifer teaches you basic concepts and guides you to create a customized plan for the following months. After the third meeting, you will meet with Jennifer for one hour every two to three weeks for the rest of the six-month period. You will sometimes have small amounts of homework (15-30 minutes) between meetings.

In addition to long-term learning, your meetings with Jennifer will also address current in-the-trenches work challenges. Jennifer’s goal is to leave you with pragmatic problem-solving ideas at the end of each meeting. These pragmatic topics will be guided by what you bring to Jennifer as your “burning issue” at each meeting and can range from personal organization to managing employees to strategic goals. Jennifer is available to you via email or text/phone between meetings if needed.


By the end of six months, your renaissance will be well under-way:

  • You will be a more efficient problem-solver
  • You will have improved communication with coworkers
  • You will be a more effective leader
  • You will have a clearer sense of your professional goals and what is required to reach them
  • You will expand your understanding of what is meaningful in your work and how to be more fulfilled

Though Jennifer works with her clients for a minimum of six months, she often continues working with her clients for multiple engagements over years.


Individual Healthcare Practitioner Program:

This program has similar features to the Executive Program (see above) with adjustments made for the specific needs of healthcare practitioners and a closer focus on communication, connection and other interpersonal skills that are not typically taught in medical training.

In addition to what is accomplished in the Executive program, by the end of the program:

  • You will understand how to initiate strong connections with patients/clients.
  • You will recognize when a patient/client is connected and not connected during a visit.
  • You will know how to reconnect to yourself and to your patients/clients.
  • You will understand the fundamentals of language processing and how use that knowledge to improve your communication.
  • You will understand how to use your own emotions to deepen your understanding of and relationship with your patients/clients.

Because you spend so many hours with your patients/clients, this program typically meets less often (approximately once per month) for a longer period of one year. A more frequent meeting schedule can be arranged if preferred.


Small Groups

Jennifer’s small group programs meet once per month over video-conference. Group size is between two and six members. Small groups can serve as introductory programs for those who have not worked individually with Jennifer, they can serve as long-term maintenance programs for those who have previously worked with Jennifer, and they can also supplement ongoing individual programs with Jennifer.

  • Maintenance: Group topic as needed
  • Small group, communications focus
  • Small group, identity focus
  • Small group, women in leadership focus
  • Small group, healthcare connection focus

Groups run for a minimum of six months and often for longer.



Large Group Presentation

Large group presentation on Language Processing and Communication, Leadership, Identity, Healthcare Connection or custom topic.

Length: 1 hour up to full day workshop.