DaVinci’s Room Philosophy

You’ve built a successful career by constantly setting and reaching goals, and you’ve already accomplished a lot.

  • Has the time has come for you to focus on a new goal?
  • Maybe you want to lead at a higher level or change roles. Or find more fulfillment in your work.
  • Maybe the next goal isn’t clear, but you know it’s just over the horizon.
  • Perhaps you have a spark of an idea but aren’t sure how to get there. Or maybe you sense something is in your way but can’t put your finger on it.

I can help you get where you want to go, even if you don’t know the destination yet.

Working with me, you’ll learn to master your brain’s problem solving power. You’ll become an expert on your own brain mechanisms, which will enable you to ignite leadership, fine-tune communication and powerfully access your own untapped wisdom.

As we work together, you’ll not only learn how your brain works, you will improve how your brain works. You can then fan your idea sparks into flames and overcome obstacles, seen and unseen.

What you learn from me is not a one-time technique—your brain will be forever changed and you’ll gain lifetime skills.

You’ll get clear about where you’re heading, and then you’ll get there.

My approach to clients is high-level, systematic, scientific and repeatable. You’ll work in three core areas, all related back to fundamental brain function.

  • Language Processing: This is the brain’s communications operating system. Understanding the neurology behind your own communication style and that of others around you will powerfully shift your leadership and relationship skills.
  • Identity:  The way our brain shapes how we show up in our work roles. Your work identity is powered by neurological circuits in your brain. Knowing how to adjust your own circuits to your advantage is a life-changing skill.
  • Self-awareness: This is the gateway to accessing your brain’s untapped wisdom. Your brain records far more than you remember. Gaining access to your brain’s vast warehouse of knowledge is a permanent game-changer.

You’ve come so far already with hard work and commitment. Imagine what’s possible when you begin to comprehend the unseen inner workings of your own mind. I’m not a coach, I’m a teacher. What you learn with me is not a technique, it’s an education.  Your work with me will permanently empower you to get what you set out to achieve.