You’re darn good at what you do…
You secretly know you could be even better.

Your career is a success. You don’t have a specific problem to fix. You love your work and they love you. But you have a feeling there’s something getting in your way, holding you back from reaching the next level.


How do you get there?

You don’t need to be fixed – it’s time for a Renaissance.


Your executive team members excel individually…
The team as a whole could be more effective.

Your executive team is full of rising stars, all outstanding in their individual roles. Somehow, the individual excellence doesn’t translate to the forward momentum and expansion that seems possible with this group. You’ve tried team building and leadership development programs, which help to a degree. Yet this high-potential team remains hampered by communication issues and lack of alignment.

Your team doesn’t need to be fixed – it’s time for a Renaissance.

Renaissance means rebirth; a period of new growth and activity; the development of interest in and knowledge of many different things. Rather than being “fixed,” DaVinci’s Room clients experience a Renaissance—personal, team or company-wide.

The DaVinci’s Room Difference

  • Clients not only learn the solution to a problem, they learn how their brains work to solve the problem.
  • Clients not only learn better communication skills, they learn to understand their brains’ (and other people’s brains) underlying communication styles.
  • Clients not only create a better fit for themselves at work, they learn how their brains continuously build (or undermine) that work-role fit, and how to change it.
  • Teams not only learn communication techniques, they discover and adjust for each member’s unique brain-based communication style.
  • Teams not only discuss a group mission, the members each individually align their own brains with the mission, in a way that fits for that individual.


What’s the Game Changer here?

The combination of real-world problem solving with in-depth learning about the underlying brain processes.

If people were computers, most executive coaching programs could be interpreted to work at the “app” level, adjusting specific functions (such as delegation or consensus-building) but not changing the core operating system. DaVinci’s Room clients learn at the operating system level (brain processing) and design their own “apps”. The result is lasting, comprehensive change. In other words, a Renaissance.